Paralakhemundi: Vandalism portrayed by Mandal Revenue Officer of Mandasa of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh,to instigate Gangabada region villagers of Rayagada block of Gajapati to propagate for panchayat election with all false voting documents of Gangabada area villagers. Since yesterday Sub-Collector Sangram Sekhar Panda had whirlwind trip with BDO,Tehsildar & IIC Rayagada & empowered people of Manikapatna, Gudikhudi & Madhikhala. By the instruction of Collector, Gajapati Anupam Saha, Sub-Collector with his team went to Gangabada by vehicle & later on stormed by walk to all those villages.They were vibrant by their empathetic voice for those villagers not to be cowed by coward vigil of Andhra Pradesh as a plea on election & their request to withdraw the candidate Laxmi Sabar as Ward Member could be successful today.

No sooner Sub-Collector Mr.Panda retorted to take action & instructed Tehsildar Rayagada to send show cause notice to Mandal Revenue Officer(MRO)of Mandasa for luring in Odisha den.Malafide biasedness through fault voter cards & other social security illegal benefits, too, asked to explain from MRO.

Henceforth anybody find drudge into such biasedness either villagers or officials of the area will be taken as punishable action.

Nothing succeeds like success to win the hearts of Gangabada panchayat people through all support from Gajapati district administration, pointed by Sub Collector Mr. Panda too.

His dare devil & marathon visit by walk through out all above 3 corner villages & appealed to people of Gangabada to bring them beyond such gambling net of Andhra Pradesh government,a successful scenario.

Development works under MRO’s cunstruction has taken as disobedience in Gajapati map,he expressed his anger too. Violation in every inch of Odisha field will not be tolerated, he added. Also he conveyed gratitude to people & candidate Laxmi Sabar of Gangabada who withdrew her candidature, not to misguide by any hooliganism of Andhra Pradesh.

Henceforth Gajapati District Administration will be on vigil stand to take day to day report through BDO & Tehsildar of Rayagada block on any violation incident in the sensitive areas of Gangabada & stringent action will be taken, which he assured.

Being the BDO of Gosani block & Tehsildar of Paralakhemundi, earlier; Mr. Panda has all volatile stock of knowledge for which he himself is looking after to build all paradigm stand to drudge past all evil action by Mandasa officials. Sub Collector Mr. Panda assured electrification in those villages where from respective Andhra Pradesh electrification to be evacuated. Rest lies other amenities for restoration which villagers requested.